How It Works

Membership procedure is relatively straightforward as detailed in this section.  To summarize, Soccer picks are sent at a pre-announced time on match day.  The email will contain the picks for the day.  The league will be specified along with the team picked and their opponent.  The generally available Asian Handicap will be exhibited.  Finally, the accuracy rating will be revealed.  We will expand on all of these points as you read further.

The day and time to expect a Soccer picks email in your inbox is specified well in advance.  Most of the time, this announcement is made at the end of the current picks email.  The picks email is always sent as scheduled and at the correct time on match day.  Any delay in receipt may be due to a technical problem with an email address.  Great diligence is employed  to insure timely sending and receipt of the picks emails.

For release times, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is used in order to differentiate the release time for our clients located in many different time zones throughout the world.  The release time is based on the day’s match schedule.  In general, the picks email for the day is sent around 03:00 GMT to 04:00 GMT.  A more precise release time for a given match day will be announced well in advance and strictly adhered to.

We try to make things as convenient as possible for our subscribers.  One email per day contains all of the tips to be released on that match day.  We never have subsequent emails on a given match day.  There is never a need for our clients to monitor their email inboxes for any subsequent picks emails.  Once you get the picks email for that day, no additional emails will be sent until the next match day.

 Picks emails are sent at a precise time announced well in advance, one email per match day

The email will either contain the pick for the day or make known that no pick is available for the day.  To repeat, even if no pick is available for that day, you will be informed.  We understand how frustrating it could be for a subscriber to not receive the expected email if a pick was not in fact being released.  If a picks email release has been announced, you will receive an email at the time specified even if no pick is being released.

The picks email will be presented in an easily understood format indicating the league, side to bet, generally available Asian Handicap, opponent, and accuracy rating.

An example of what a picks email looks like:

English Premiere League
Arsenal -1/4 over Manchester Utd.  (accuracy rating = 94%)

Our next release will be on Tuesday at 03:00 GMT.

In the above example, we are recommending a bet on Arsenal to overcome the -1/4 Asian Handicap versus Manchester Utd.  The assigned accuracy rating assigned is 94%.  Note that below the pick is the day and time to expect our next picks email.

    Put in your bets on Betting Win Tips picks immediately to lock in the current Asian Handicap odds

Because all of our picks are confirmed in advance, you will not receive any additional information after the picks email is received.  It is advised that when you receive a pick, bet it immediately at the best odds available.  The picks email is only sent when we are sure of the outcome as it relates to the assigned accuracy rating.  Once the picks email for the day has been sent, that is the final word from Betting Win Tips.

In addition to providing reliable and accurate Soccer picks, we are also available to answer other punting questions.  As a subscriber, you will receive timely responses to all of your inquiries.  Feel free to send an email anytime with any questions you may have.   Betting Win Tips personnel have been involved in Soccer betting for a number of years so there is a good chance that we will have an answer to many of the questions you may have.

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