Asian Handicap

For many of you, no explanation of how the Asian Handicap works is necessary.  However, we occasionally get an email from a website visitor who is not familiar with Asian Handicap betting.  Certainly, it can be a bit perplexing at first for those that are only familiar with 1/2 ball handicaps or 1×2 betting.  Therefore, we offer enlightenment with the following examples and accompanying table detailing the various possibilities when betting into the Asian Handicap.

The Asian Handicap offers punters a possibility for one of only two winning outcomes.  Traditionally, 1×2 betting or 3-way betting was the exclusive proposition offered for punting on Soccer matches.  The advent of the Asian Handicap presented punters with the opportunity to simply pick winning team versus the Asian Handicap.  Two possible outcomes with a reasonable odds spread has been a great enticement to many would be punters.

The Asian Handicap uses 1/4 ball variations in order to more efficiently split the betting in a sport with very little scoring compared with most sports.  The 1/4 goal handicap variations automatically divide the amount bet equally between two different 1/2 ball handicaps.  The 1/4 ball variations allow for a more even split in the betting without the bookmaker needing to introduce lopsided odds as is the case with 1/2 ball only betting or 1×2 betting.

The 1/4 ball handicap variations in Asian Handicap betting allow for the market to be more efficient

For example, let’s say that a bet is made on the favorite -1/4 ball.  This means that half the stake is bet at level handicap (pk) and half is bet at -1/2 ball.  The full time result is 1-1.  This results in losing half the stake risked.  It is a handicap draw against the level (pk) handicap and a loss against the -1/2 ball handicap.  If the bet had been made on the other team at +1/4 ball, then the result would be just the opposite with a win of half the stake risked.

In another example let’s look at the 3/4 handicap.  A bet on the favorite would be split equally between -1/2 and -1.  If the -3/4 goal favorite wins 1-0, then a win is recorded against the -1/2 ball handicap and a handicap draw versus the -1 ball handicap for an overall win of half the stake risked.  In order to win a full stake, the favorite must record a win with a margin of two goals to overcome both the -1/2 and -1 ball handicaps.

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